Meiji Shrine : A hidden gem in Tokyo ( part 2)

The main offering hall is one of those few places in Shrine where photography is prohibited.Simply throw a coin in offering box.Bow twice and clap twice.Then make a wish.Bow once more to get blessings of Kami.Shinto Gods are called “kami”.


You can never miss to see “Ema”, wishes and prayers written on wooden planks.These wooden planks are sold in Shrine Premises.Small ones are priced at 1000 Yen while larger ones can go up to 5000 Yen.Usually people write their wishes for peace, family or success in business.But you can always find some amusing writings as well.


Later I realized that purification troughs are an integral part of Shrine.I visited purification trough while I was about to exit.But I believe that this ritual must have to be completed before offering prayers at main hall.

These purification troughs have also got a protocol.Take one of ladles provided at purification fountain ,fill it with water and rinse both your hands from elbow to palm.Then take some water into cupped hand and rinse your mouth.You must spit water beside the fountain.You are not supposed to transfer water directly in mouth or swallow water.


personally I feel that visit to Meiji Shrine is not complete, unless you have visited Inner Garden and Kiyamasa Well which I will cover in next post.


Longer you live , more you appreciate life.So as years progressed, I realized that life has too much to offer. It is full of options and contradictions.Every moment comes with a different experience.At this point, I felt need of platform to keep a journal of all those experiences for reference.This is how this blog came into picture. I prefer pictures as I am too lazy to type.But truth is that I find it difficult to express most of time.Here pictures come to my rescue. Essentially , this blog is a journal of my experiments with life.But then I found that it is taste of liquor of life which motivates me. -:)

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