Analog or digital : Romantic discussion

It was lazy Sunday morning.The last thing which I remember is that she was checking her iPhone while playing with her golden tresses. Then all of sudden I popped a question.Love is a feeling.A feeling may be described as a pulse or a sensation or a signal.So which type of signal love is.Analog or digital ?

I completed my graduation in Electronics and Communication Engineering.So I spent quite a few months pondering over analog to digital conversion and vice versa.May be I was caught in my own train of thoughts.So I continued.

“See.Analog signals use sort of continuous values.Digital signals have discrete values.For example, a traditional thermometer reading can take any value between zero and 100 Degree Celsius.But a computer can deal with digital signals involving binary bits.Love should be analog.A continuous sensation.It is true representation of a signal.That’s reason that  connoisseurs prefer to listen music in analog form i.e. vinyl records.But may be people has become obsessed with Multi layered digital technology and have forgot how to truly appreciate and enjoy things.They prefer a phone over a person.alas!”

For a moment, I felt like a winner.She was still staring at me as if I were an alien.Her mouth was open.The phone was on the couch.Then she started speaking.

“ forgot about sampling theorem.If a continuous time signal is sampled at a rate twice of highest frequency component of that signal, it is possible to reconstruct entire signal through samples.Digital signals are more immune to noise.Digital signals consume very small power as compared to analog signals.Love is definitely a digital signal which consists of discrete actions over a long period of time.These small actions which fulfill most fundamental need of being accepted by someone over a long period of time.Those small discrete things which make love immune from noise.Noise of jealousy and insecurity.But alas, people find it hard to do small things over a long period of time because it takes processing power to handle a digital signal.What a man wants is instant gratification of analog signal.”Then she looked at me with total disdain.All of sudden, I remembered that I promised to make breakfast this morning and I rushed to Kitchen.


Longer you live , more you appreciate life.So as years progressed, I realized that life has too much to offer. It is full of options and contradictions.Every moment comes with a different experience.At this point, I felt need of platform to keep a journal of all those experiences for reference.This is how this blog came into picture. I prefer pictures as I am too lazy to type.But truth is that I find it difficult to express most of time.Here pictures come to my rescue. Essentially , this blog is a journal of my experiments with life.But then I found that it is taste of liquor of life which motivates me. -:)

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