Morning at Mount Fuji

At this moment, you may say that I am over enthusiastic about Mount Fuji.But I had heard a lot of stories that many people are not able to witness sunrise due to clouds.I was sweating like a pig when I reached Mount Fuji Summit after 5 hours of hiking.But temperature was below 10 degree there.I could feel shivers going down my spine.A hot traditional hot Japanese Miso soup came to my rescue.So when Sun came out, it was a wonderful feeling.I suddenly remembered Beach Boys song .

My love like the warmth of the sun, it won’t ever die
(Warmth of the sun, it won’t ever die)


Now it is time to walk to crater.

By this time, everyone is preparing to go down.

But it feels like being in sky.

Peeking through clouds 🙂


Sunrise at MountFuji

It is my first attempt to share my experience through a chain of pictures.

Time : 4:15 a.m.

Location : Mount Fuji Summit ( At height of 3776 m)

It was dark.But there was a slow transition to bright.


First rays of sun started coming out of clouds.

God appeared.

Then , It grew bigger.

Finally , Sun illuminated all of us with its light 🙂