Paper napkins

So it was same another summer afternoon.My bike was crawling on Highway and got stuck at traffic signal.I tucked my bike in a strategic place from where I could v room off as soon as I see green light. I switched off ignition of bike and just had a 360 degree look.There were innumerable vehicles.All types of vehicles.Large ones,small ones,medium ones,some shining like an emerald in summer noon,some draped in thin layer of sand,some with tinted glass,some with open window and so on.I missed those days when I  used to travel on bus.I found it amusing to observe all those people moving around you on road.Some in foul mood, cursing everyone,some lost in themselves,a couple on bike for whom a traffic signal was just an opportunity to get a bit cozy and so more.It felt more human.Now I ride a bike . Now there is competition.Everyone on Road is my competitor to speed off as soon as possible.So here was

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