Bayon : A gem of Khmer Architecture

The Giant faces of Bayon Temple represent Khmer architecture at its best.For a moment, I felt that ancient Khmer rulers are looking at us as we pass by these marvels.Perhaps they engraved themselves in large stones so that they can keep a watch over their beloved kingdom through centuries.temple


Bitten by Wanderlust

Few days ago, I came across this bubbly girl who seemed to be in her early twenties.She announced that she has bitten by wanderlust recently. As expected, audience gave wholehearted support.It led to a discussion which included number of visas on passport, food and culture, beaches , adventure and numerous tips, stories and experiences.So far, I have believed that I love to travel.I may not have visited 2-3 dozen countries or have some adventurous backpack trips to my credit. But I am lucky enough to travel around a dozen countries.  But I was stuck with word “ Wanderlust”. The Indian ancient Vedic wisdom beautifully describes lust.Lust is a like fire.  It only grows stronger each time one appeases it by giving way to it.In other words, love brings a sense of wholeness while lust brings a sense of emptiness.So question was whether it is wanderlust or wanderlove. But all Indian sages spent a reasonable time traveling across country.But their journey

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